Photography Studio

If you’re looking for somewhere for your photography, then look no further. At Harness Creation, our mission is to give anyone the opportunity to hire a studio. We provide space and privacy at affordable prices, giving you the chance to focus on what you do best – create.

The photography sets at Harness Creation are funky and unique. We have a beautiful outdoor courtyard, featuring four different sets, that you can use for anything you want; Instagram photos, product shoots, promotional pictures, or maybe you want to remember a special day. You might even be a professional photographer, looking for a place for your next shoot!

This set is a brand new deck and cubby, with a gorgeous white finish and a natural, earthy feel. It’s extremely versatile, and perfect for anything.

This set features a beautiful swing. It hangs above the stairs, wound with beautiful flowers and greenery. The swing sits in front a set of pink double doors, tucked inside a little porch.

This set is a small cubby, decked out with an air of royalty. It has a beautiful reclining chaise lounge, featuring gorgeous golds, reds, and browns.

The main feature of this set is the restored claw foot bathtub. A beautiful net is draped over and around the tub, surrounded by greenery. The tub is perfectly capable of being filled with water if you wish – though please note that it is cold water.

This set features a vintage concrete sink, sitting in front of a bright and happy yellow fence. It is decorated with props for an old farmhouse vibe.

Our prices are just $55 per hour, for access to the entire courtyard. Up to 10 people can be in the courtyard at once.

Anyone can take a picture at home, but the bold will come to Harness Creation!

Camera and Models

We recommend that you bring your own camera, but you can hire ours for an extra $10 an hour. If you need a model, bring them along too. You can get in touch with us if you have any questions or need assistance!

Indoor Photography

Our Filming Studio indoors can also double as a photography studio.

The Studio has all the equipment you might need: studio lighting, a RODE microphone, and a Sony ZV-I camera. It also has three different backdrops – white canvas, black canvas, and grey canvas.

If you need something a little more plain for your photoshoot, then our indoor studio could be for you.

Book a Studio Session

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